International Journal of Uyghur Studies is an internationally published, scientific, peer-reviewed journal published twice a year.

Uyghur studies is one of the most significant subjects of general Turcology. Currently, Uyghur Studies are carried on in most countries especially Turkey, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Germany, the USA and Japan.

International Journal of Uyghur Studies aims to publish scientific papers in various countries and different disciplines in the fields of Uyghur studies; to provide knowledge flows by making these studies accessible in the international criteria and, thus, to contribute the development of Turcology. This journal also includes all kinds of studies related to Uyghurs living in different geographies such as Uyghur Autonomous Region, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and aims to constitute a body of literature in the field of Turcology.

International Journal of Uyghur Studies is an open access peer-reviewed journal which publishes academic articles, collections, book promotions and translations in the fields of language, literature, folklore, history, art, culture, economics about Uyghurs and other Turkish tribes (Kazakh, Kirghiz, Uzbek, etc.). The journal is published half yearly, two issues per year, also acknowledges to publish papers related to general topics in Turcology.

Manuscripts submitted to International Journal of Uyghur Studies are initially reviewed in terms of proper to publishing policy of the journal. Then, articles deemed appropriate for publication are sent to two journal referees who is expert in appropriate field for evaluation. The identities of the referees are kept in secret and the evaluation reports are preserved for five years.

The whole responsibility of the published articles in terms of language, linguistics and legality belongs to the concerned authors; but the rights of publication only belong to www.uygurarastirmalari.com. Submitted manuscripts are not returnable.

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